EWT is at the heart of the global transition towards lower carbon and more sustainable forms of power generation, helping individuals, businesses and communities of all sizes to become distributed energy champions.

Our award-winning sub-MW wind turbines have been enabling new generation locations and repowering existing sites for customers in three continents for more than ten years. Our distributed energy solutions and project development make the energy transition as simple as possible for all our customers – from energy consumers to producers and investors. And we are continuing to invest in and grow our distributed energy businesses as well as offering outstanding operations and maintenance to owners of our own and non-EWT turbines.

That’s why we are prized by our customers and have been recognized as a ‘New Energy Pioneer’ by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for our innovation in wind and beyond


Why choose EWT?

  • Best-in-class sub-MW wind turbines
  • High energy yield Low noise levels
  • High availability
  • Low cost of ownership
  • In-depth support to help you choose the right turbine
  • Efficient delivery and installation including connection to grid / local infrastructure
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance packages as standard

The simple route to successful distributed energy projects.

Installing a wind turbine is just one of the many steps in creating a functioning wind energy site. The right components must be purchased, the electrical infrastructure built and access to the site ensured to name just a few. You could arrange and coordinate all this yourself or choose to hire a third-party. And while many of our customers have managed their own projects from start to finish, for those who want a complete end to end installation, EWT provides an all-in-one Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solution.

From Turkey to the United States, EWT has successfully completed projects on an EPC basis. On time, on budget and meeting or exceeding expectations.

As your EPC partner, we work with an extensive network of experienced and trusted civil and electrical contractors to arrange the design, purchasing and construction of your wind energy project. We act as your single point of contact throughout the project. And as the supplier of the key component of your wind energy solution, the turbines themselves, we can ensure efficient and streamlined running of the project for on-time delivery of a successful generation site.


EWT has an in-house technology team with highly qualified engineers coming from all corners around the world. This diversity of competences and industry experience provides the needed foundation to offer technical support on sales projects and supply chain matters, but also to continuously optimise the components and turbine design.


LATTICE partners are all established technology leaders in their respective businesses. We only partner with Tier-1 brands that can ensure the highest quality products, best-inclass warranties, and exceptional service.


Providing solutions such as reducing utilities costs; repurposing stranded assets like industrial sites, rooftops, and parking lots; creating power reliance and backup; and making smart buildings smarter.


There are two tax credits available for businesses and other entities like nonprofits and local and tribal governments that purchase solar energy systems: the investment tax credit (ITC) and the production tax credit (PTC).


The federal government provides grants to help rural businesses go solar. It does so through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). REAP grants have given thousands of farmers and business owners in rural areas across the country the opportunity to power their businesses with solar energy projects.