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Water. It’s the source of all life. We drink it, grow food with it, clean with it and more. We too are mostly made up of water so the type of water we drink, bathe and shower in matters a ton.

Though there are different water sources available, most, if not all, offer poor purity, absorption, and nutritional value. In fact, bottled and tap water have been proven to be hard to absorb and contain 110 pollutants like pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and pesticides!

Unfortunately, water filters alone do not remove the energetic signatures of these 110 pollutants. Even though physical and visible debris can be removed, there is more to be done!

The FreshWater Difference

Because the water you choose to put into your body matters most, we’ve created a technology to purify the unseen structure and energy of the water you count on the way nature intended. 

The restructuring and ionization of water happens in nature when water flows over a waterfall or along a mountain wall, smashing it into smaller particles. This allows the water to absorb more oxygen, energy, minerals, frequencies, while at the same time decreasing the pathogen load.

This increased biological availability of nutrients and decreased pathogenic load allows people, animals, and plants to absorb and metabolize this water faster than unstructured water, leading to better hydration, reduced toxic burden, and improved overall health.