PowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary, is the nation’s leading distributed energy infrastructure company. Our team of experts has developed, installed, managed, and serviced 2+ GW of microgrid capacity over the past 20 years, as well as implemented over $800 million of energy efficiency upgrades. We take a full-facility, lifecycle approach through production and management, delivering clean and resilient energy to our customers at the best possible value. By combining our product innovation capabilities with our 360 integrated processes, we offer you the best custom solution for your needs, backed by an unmatched level of expertise, quality, and service.

In addition to designing and building commercial energy solutions that integrate seamlessly with your organization’s existing infrastructure, our comprehensive power distribution service includes 24/7 monitoring for optimal resiliency and business continuity. Discover how our turnkey solutions can increase your bottom line while helping to shrink your carbon footprint.