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Heila Technologies is pioneering the future of microgrids with a flexible, bottom-up design that ensures distributed energy resources operate reliably. Our microgrid control technology gives users insight into every part of their system with intuitive monitoring that automatically adapts to changing needs. For businesses, that means peace of mind with simple deployment, durable systems, predictable performance, and enhanced return on investment.

Easily coordinate power assets to build self-managing microgrids and fleets from the ground up

  • Optimizes the utilization of on-site renewable energy generation
  • Minimizes utility costs
  • Maximizes market participation uptake

Mitigate project risks

  • Reduce price and project risks
  • Leverage cutting-edge control technologies to optimize project economics
  • Eliminate project uncertainty

    Simplify microgrid deployment

    • Simplify microgrid controls and optimization with a decentralized, modular solution
    • Scale and integrate complex distributed energy systems
    • Standardize highly-customized DER uncertainty

    Make more informed energy decisions

    • Reduce energy costs
    • Prevent demand charge escalation
    • Evaluate on-site microgrid potential in a rapidly changing energy market

      Minimize operational downtime

      • Detailed reporting and actionable insights on plant energy usage and operational efficiency
      • Ensure utility bill accuracy
      • Speed up demand response reaction time

        Optimize portfolio economics

        • Power quality overview for a single site or aggregated fleet management
        • Easy-to-implement recommendations
        • Informed decision-making

        Maximize on-site renewables

        • Enhance environmental, sustainability, and governance goals
        • Accelerate decarbonization targets
        • Boost sustainability efforts