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Our O & M team is dedicated to streamlining the  functions, duties and labor associated with daily operations. Our ultimate goal is to protect your assets so that they continues to provide reliable services throughout their expected useful life.

Our team knows solar systems. We monitor our clients’ systems 24/7 and remotely diagnose issues. If there’s a problem that needs your attention, we’ll call you—and get to work to make it right.

We provide performance assurance for solar investments, from single systems to large portfolios. We can even guarantee annual energy generation.

Our services are powered by industry-leading technology enabling issue detection and diagnostics. Shading or soiling? Weather or component failure? Our algorithms remotely identify the root cause. Our experts handle the solution.

Personalized reports track energy generated taking into account real-world factors, like weather. You’ll always know how your investment is performing, and why. Your return is optimized with 24/7 monitoring and rapid remote diagnostics.

With a nationwide network of pre-qualified service professionals, we provide maintenance, service coordination, and post-service performance certification, for a hassle-free client experience.


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