Andrew Dunn


Andrew is an interdisciplinary professional with subject matter expertise covering the intersection of business and technology drawing on 15+ years of practical experience.

Andrew has worked within award-winning environmental and cleantech businesses while based in California and the Southeastern US, specializing in distributed energy resources (DER’s) and grid impact for renewable energy systems, battery power storage, microgrids, VPP, EV/Fleet charging, demand response, energy efficiency, and DSM, in fields such as green building, power generation, smart cities, and smart grid, for critical outcomes areas of decarbonization, electrification, GHG drawdown, and triple-bottom-line benefits.

15+ years of consulting experience has been rewarding providing solutions for clients on five continents. Academic background from University of Georgia is in Astrophysics, Physics, and Engineering Physics focused on electrical engineering, nanotechnology, and the UGA biorefining and carbon cycling program. The Engineering Physicist in concept completes the link between the pure scientist and engineer by being able to understand the theory of science and relate to practical problems of engineering. In practice, the Engineering Physicist can serve as a key link between an ever-changing set of unique stakeholders. Certification in Communications with Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility from the American Management Association has proven useful alongside extensive learning in behavioral psychology and communications.

Presently Andrew is enrolled in a concurrent Masters Program in Public Administration and Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the College of Charleston, one of few-such programs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sustainability & ESG

  • Decarbonization & Net Zero (Sbti)

  • Building Electrification

  • Transportation Electrification

  • Fleet Transition Advisory & Planning

  • Sustainable Development

  • High Performance Construction

  • Interconnected Communities

  • Microgrids & Virtual Power Plants

  • Smart Cities & Street Lighting

  • Biochar, Biogas, & Biorefineries

  • Nature-based Solutions

  • Green Infrastructure 

  • Biodiversity Management


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