MEGASLAB®️ is a technology company for the second most used substance on the planet – concrete. We have performed extensive studies and testing while utilizing emerging nanotechnologies in certain processes to create a concrete material that uses less cement, is stronger, more durable, and in combination with our optimized engineering due to the higher mechanical values can reduce CO2 by up to 50%.


MEGASLAB is the industry leader in reducing the massive carbon footprint of concrete. However, our solution is more than simply “carbon reduction concrete” or “environmentally friendly concrete.” MEGASLAB is an engineered concrete system that works together to speed installation and lower costs by using less material while also delivering unmatched strength and a lifespan that exceeds ordinary concrete. While some companies focus on creating eco-friendly cement and sustainable concrete solutions by injecting CO2 into their concrete, that approach only reduces emissions by around 5%. MEGASLAB reduces C02 emissions by up to 50%.

By harnessing nanotechnology, mixture optimization, and project-specific engineering, MEGASLAB redefines concrete slab and pavement performance – and CO2 reduction is only one aspect of that.


  • Heavy Equipment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Distribution Ecommerce Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Intermodal & ports
  • Cold Storage
  • Waste Management

2022 — USAA Real Estate and its development partner, Seefried Industrial Properties, have announced they are near completion of an industrial warehouse development in Dallas Fort Worth that will be among the first ever using sustainable building materials that will reduce the carbon impact of its construction by more than 45%, or the equivalent of a single car’s emissions over more than two million miles of travel.

“We are proud to lead construction of a project utilizing CLT and MEGASLAB systems, which ensures structural integrity, workplace wellbeing and the reduction of greenhouse gasses.”

Jonathan Stites

Senior Vice President, Seefried Properties