Henning Companies

At Henning Companies, our core purpose is to provide solutions to positively impact our customers, employees, and our communities. We operate with a focus on transforming our customer’s idea of what is possible and then deliver a level of value that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Founded in 1924, Henning continues to be one of the larger general contractors in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on being an unprecedented general contractor, construction manager, and design-builder. With a wide experience in Agriculture, Industrial, and Commercial market segments, Henning manages construction projects ranging from historical renovations to convenience stores, restaurants, and warehouses.

With over 95 years of experience, Henning is committed to bringing a proactive approach to every project. Our team of talented employees challenge themselves every day to improve upon their history of success. We continually seek new skills and knowledge that enables us to provide a better experience and positive results.


The layer addition to Iowa Cage Free features a multi-tier aviary system for laying hens as well as a large capacity egg belt for transporting eggs to be packaged.


The $15.5 million Electrical Power Products project included a new 214,000 square-foot, 24 ft. clear height manufacturing building and a 28,000 square-foot, two story office building. Electrical Power Products is a manufacturer which supplies complete power management systems for commercial and utility industries for power generation, transmission, and distribution. Their new facility is located off Army Post Road in Des Moines, Iowa. 


This $12 million, 83,000 sq. ft. hatchery will consist of two incubation rooms, office space, and storage and wash room facility. The new build will house approximately 50,000 turkey eggs upon completion. 


The 242,000 square-foot addition in Centerville, IA features a state of the art wrestling facility. 


Fremont Farms of Iowa produces and processes liquid egg products. The company engages in the wholesale distribution of poultry and poultry products. The facility includes an egg breaking plant designed to process 1350 cases of eggs per hour, a complete feed mill and feed delivery system, and buildings that house over 5.2 million laying hens.


The historical Des Moines City Hall building was built in 1910 and continues to serve as the center of government for the city. It served the city well, but its old systems where not adequate for its current uses and it was in serious need of technology updates.

In June of 2016, Henning Companies began a signifi cant renovation that would completely update all the mechanical, electrical and technology infrastructure of the building. The 29,000 square foot structure was listed on the National Historic Register which made parts of the renovation very challenging. All the building’s mechanical infrastructure was replaced; including new boilers, chillers, cooling towers and air handling units. New air handlers were installed in the building’s attic which made for a tight fit.

The electrical system was improved, daylight harvesting systems were added, and the phone and data systems were completely overhauled. The renovation also addressed several building code updates. Taking into account ADA updates, such as a new elevator, new ADA compliant restrooms, and addressed lead and asbestos abatement. Many of the original finishes were restored including; plaster, trim, and paint and the existing antique lighting.

General Contracting with Integrity

Our long history and exceptional track record of performance gives our customers the peace of mind that their project will be done right. Our Project Managers and Superintendents are some of the best in the industry and boast the experience necessary to meet any challenge. Our commitment to safety and quality throughout the entire project lifecycle is unmatched. Meeting tight deadlines and bringing the highest level of quality to every project is the standard at Henning Companies.


Scalable Design-Build Solutions

In the agricultural market, Henning Companies has been providing Design/Build services since before it was called Design/Build. As Design/Build pioneers, our team is mindful of the engineering challenges that affect your bottom line. We use the latest in Virtual Design and construction technology to minimize issues, mitigate costs, and improve the quality of the final product. This expertise translates well into our commercial and industrial markets.


Reliable Construction Management

We minimize risks involved with the construction process by partnering with the owner and their architect in all phases of project development. Our preconstruction team guides the team through design; ultimately finding the building solution that strikes the best balance between cost, function, and aesthetics.  Our construction management team will maintain cost controls and mitigate risk by leveraging a range of building technologies to evaluate the constructibility and schedule of the project. Henning identifies the best vendors for your needs and manages them to the highest levels of safety and quality.


LATTICE partners are all established technology leaders in their respective businesses. We only partner with Tier-1 brands that can ensure the highest quality products, best-inclass warranties, and exceptional service.


We help companies achieve their goals in sustainability while simultaneously enhancing profitability.


Providing solutions such as reducing utilities costs; repurposing stranded assets like industrial sites, rooftops, and parking lots; creating power reliance and backup; and making smart buildings smarter.


EV sales are surging due to a combination of policy support, improvements in battery technology, more charging infrastructure and new compelling models from automakers. Electrification is also spreading to new segments of road transport, setting the stage for robust and certain changes ahead.


There are two tax credits available for businesses and other entities like nonprofits and local and tribal governments that purchase solar energy systems: the investment tax credit (ITC) and the production tax credit (PTC).


The federal government provides grants to help rural businesses go solar. It does so through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). REAP grants have given thousands of farmers and business owners in rural areas across the country the opportunity to power their businesses with solar energy projects.