The highest designed purpose of Lattice Energy Solutions is to empower our people to provide powerful solutions for our client’s energy needs and sustainability goals.

  • LATTICE offers a consultative approach built on relationships and earning your trust. 
  • LATTICE generates powerful new revenue streams by reducing grid energy consumption, dependency, and converting waste biproducts into profitability. 
  • LATTICE is a proven network of companies partnering in opportunities and projects such as renewable energy technologies, real estate, construction, governmental projects, and engineered sustainability to provide exceptional safety, quality, and value to our clients. 
  • LATTICE is a high-level business model to help one another grow while mitigating risks. 
  • LATTICE is an intelligent network building platform which adds new opportunities and reach to your business and stakeholders by compounding name recognition, brand, and marketing opportunities 
  • LATTICE Customizes and designs solutions which are tailored to your business needs and goals.


  • Sustainable Land Management
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development & Construction
  • Utilities, Microgrids & PPAs
  • Commercial & Agricultural Solar Power
  • Energy Storage 
  • Smart Construction
  • Wireless & Broadband Communications
  • Commercial / Municipal & Fleet EV Charging
  • Design & Project Engineering
  • Stand-by Energy Generation 
  • Municipal & Governmental Sustainability 
  • Biofuels, Manure, and Wastewater Solutions
  • Consultation Services
  • Carbon Credits & Carbon Offsets
  • Efficient Lighting & Power Shaving


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